Antonio McDyess To San Antonio?

By mrehome

Antonio McDyess, AP Photo

Well I was looking around on the internet, I mean there is nothing better to do now that we are out and enjoying our summer vacation, guess this is how it is supposed to feel in May right?

Wondering what the Spurs are going to do this summer with the team and seeing what needs we are going to fill I came upon something at Sports Illustrated and saw that the Spurs are and have been interested in Antonio McDyess.

Though the man is getting up there in age I feel Dyess can really add something to this team. With seeing what we are going to be with as Drew Gooden will work more on getting the ‘feel’ of the team I like the pieces we have.

This could possibly be a good move for the Spurs if to sign McDyess. I mean we got a huge, huge steal with getting Drew Gooden in the mix. I am looking forward to the off-season and seeing what the front office has up their sleeves.