Game #78 | Spurs (50-27) vs Blazers (49-28)

By mrehome

Duncan is coming off of a 25 points and 15 rebound night.

The last time we met with the Blazers they really handed it to us……I mean really handed it to us. Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge torched us for 26 points each and we were in no way ready for this young team.

We showed our age!

Now they have to come into our arena at the AT&T Center and try and knock us off.

This is our second game without Manu Ginobili after hearing that he will not be with us for the rest of the year with a bad ankle.

As we proved against the Thunder though we could overcome anything. I mean besides going into that game against the Thunder were lost our previous two to this team and still can’t find a reason or an answer to my question and probably many other Spurs fans, How?

Though the Thunder have won the previous two out of the three against us, we came to play lastnight and took it to them.

This is what we plan to do against the Blazers. Tim Duncan is coming off of a game in which he hasn’t had in a long time. I look for him to be more physical against Aldridge. Tony Parker had just 15 points in their last meeting and returning home always means more energy and Parker along with the rest of the Spurs know that they need wins to finish the season on top of the Southwest division.

Tip off is tonight. I hope to have a recap up if not tonight, tomorrow morning.

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