Dec 11, 2013; New York, NY, USA; Chicago Bulls power forward Taj Gibson (22) defends against New York Knicks small forward Carmelo Anthony (7) in the second half of NBA game at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Free Agency: Bulls Show Experience In Carmelo Anthony Pitch

Chicago said from the very beginning that their intentions were to get Carmelo Anthony in NBA free agency.  Have they applied past lessons to their pitch?

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade whiffs taught Bulls a lot

Many Chicago Bulls fans still have a vivid memory of what transpired in 2010.  Their team was up and coming and poised to reach championship contention.  They had plenty of cap space to go after a superstar and the NBA free agency market was rich with options including superstars LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.  Unfortunately despite their efforts the pair ended up uniting in Miami and going on to the next four Finals, winning two championships.  It was a tough pill to swallow for Chicago, who has sat in playoff purgatory since then, forced to watch their own stars endure difficult injuries trying to keep the team competitive.  Most these days believe Wade and James always intended to join forces, though Wade has denied that.  Still, as the 2014 free agency period was set to open, fans were curious of the Bulls had learned any lessons from their misses that year.

Derrick Rose and Taj Gibson joined in to help lure Anthony

Based on news and reports hears out of Chicago even before free agency started, one would say yes.  The courting of Carmelo Anthony probably began back at the All-Star game when Bulls center Joakim Noah implored him to come to the Windy City.  As the season progressed head coach Tom Thibodeau, who is friends with Anthony’s agent, placed calls to other coaches and people close to Melo, trying to gauge what would interest him the most in regards to a possible deal.  So by the time the Bulls were actually allowed to talk openly with him at the start of NBA free agency, they already had planted the seed.

The next step was breaking out the red carpet.  That meant the works.  The team decorated the United Center with posters and banners showing Anthony in a Bulls uniform.  Coach Thibodeau actually was in the vehicle that picked Melo up from the airport.  Together they reviewed film, likely to discuss what the team can accomplish with him in the lineup and what Anthony would want to do.  However, the biggest shots came when Derrick Rose and Taj Gibson arrived to voice their support.  Rose was the bigger surprise, having said he has no interest in recruiting other players.  He carried with him an extra pair of shoes, likely to work out and show Anthony is surgically-repaired knee are 100% healthy.

There is still no guarantee the Chicago Bulls will land Carmelo Anthony when NBA free agency conclude.  Yet they can at least rest assured no team will take a better crack at him.

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  • Leroy Boyd

    I dont think the Bulls should reflect on the Bulls the Miami 3 had this plan for 3 years before it happen. Their tour of teams was nothing but a tour to see how much they were wanted. As for Wade man please an outright liar he had about as much desire to play for the Bulls as some who ties a 500 lb rock around their neck and jump into Lake Michigan buck naked and thinking they get won’t wet or drown.

    He Wade was more than any of the 3 was the basis for what they did who was going to Cleveland or Raptor land to play? As for Melo I am still one who wants him on the Bulls but we have some serious issues to over come 1. 129 mil 2. His wife 3. Phil kool aid 4. Melo love of NY.

    All this to say he will by staying in NY will achieve the Bernard King and Pat Ewing status great Knicks no titles but rich and loved by NY Knicks fans and Spike Lee.

    Melo has said money not the issue or really? Many of the NBA talking heads have stated that the Bulls is the team that can give him the best chance for that title. Houston, LA, and Dallas all have great options for him but getting out of the west will be tougher he could easily in the west get eliminated in the first round. While in the east it will be the Bulls Heat Pacers and Wiz. With what the Bulls have they could win the east and compete with any west team because they play defense and Melo skill set gives the Bulls what they have not had since Rose came on the scene.

    • Erik Lambert

      The whole point of the pitch is boiled down to this: pairing Melo and Rose. If Derrick is healthy, that is two players on the floor who can put up 20 points per night at least. Throw in McDermott and Snell as shooters off the bench and you have offense. Then you add Noah and Gibson and that brings the defense. It’s the balance you’ve sought forever. Teams that can score on you and then stop you on the other end will beat you. The Bulls know this and it’s why they pulled out all the stops for Melo.

      • Leroy Boyd

        Great comment now does Melo know all this?

        • Erik Lambert

          That’s the $64 million question, isn’t it?

          • Leroy Boyd

            We will know if he sticks with his time schedule

          • Erik Lambert

            Waiting is the hard part.

          • Leroy Boyd

            Yea but Melo said he was going to decide in two weeks so yea waiting is bad but he says Bulls eont even feel like it was long. We will be talking shit so much in Chicago that I can see a celebration in grant park that day.

            You know how Chicago is when we win

          • Erik Lambert

            It’s one of our favorite pastimes.

          • Leroy Boyd

            Just dont know he comes to Chicago and win a title he will never know what to expect from the city. Everybody talks about NY but Dennis Rodman was said to making 10 mil off the court Melo could make 3 times that plus his shoe sales will go through the roof

          • Erik Lambert

            If Melo wins a championship in Chicago, he won’t have to worry about money again. Period. Look at Ditka and Jordan and Payton. They have it made in this city.