Feb 21, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose (1) during the first quarter against the Denver Nuggets at the United Center. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Free Agency: Derrick Rose Doesn't See Big Picture

On the eve of the most important NBA free agency in recent Chicago memory, star point guard Derrick Rose once again can’t see his value to the process.

Chicago Bulls star hasn’t learned lesson from LeBron James fiasco

No one is saying Derrick Rose is not smart.  Players don’t win MVP trophies in the NBA by being dumb.  However, history has shown they also don’t win championship rings by being stubborn.  Four years ago the Chicago Bulls seemed poised for a title run if they could just get one more piece added to their roster next to Rose.  The prize of NBA free agency was LeBron James.  The Bulls had plenty of money to offer him, as well as other key names like Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.  However, the one thing Chicago didn’t have was their best player as a recruiting agent.  Rose said that he would not join in the process because he felt the Bulls didn’t need anybody else and wouldn’t go out of his way to bring them in.  As a result, James joined forces with Wade and Bosh in Miami and ended up reaching the next four-straight Finals.  Rose watched his team lose two playoff series to them, often from the bench as his knees began to show the wear and tear of being the only credible offensive threat Chicago has.

Joakim Noah and Tom Thibodeau see value of Carmelo Anthony

Fast forward to the present and Rose hasn’t changed.  He elaborated somewhat on his stance, saying he feels players should want to join the Chicago Bulls of their own accord, not because he wants them to.  Like with James in 2010, the team is in hot pursuit of a new prize this time in All-Star Carmelo Anthony.  While Rose remains dispatched from the whole thing, teammate Joakim Noah and head coach Tom Thibodeau have taken the opposite route.  Noah has repeatedly urged Anthony to come to Chicago since the All-Star break last season.  Thibodeau has been in regular contact with coaches and people close to Anthony, asking what makes the 30-year old go.  It demonstrates their clear understanding of what Melo can bring to the table for a team that is one proven scorer away from contention.  It’s how NBA free agency works.

The unfortunate thing about Derrick Rose is he’s a product of his upbringing.  Coming out of Chicago he had to fight and scrap his way up the ladder, most of the time without the help of anybody else.  In that way it’s easy to understand why he won’t beg others to do his job, which is help the Bulls win a championship.  On the surface it seems admirable, but in a team sport it clearly hasn’t worked.

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  • Leroy Boyd

    What a crock article to think that Rose none work in recruiting of Bron Wade or Bosh has something to do with them joining up together in Miami is nothing but fantasy. Those 3 for the author’s information started what they did 7 years ago. all they did was mask what they has already decided to do by all 3 of them signing 3 years deals before joining together in Miami. So to harp that Rose has no idea of his importance to recruiting man please players know what they want to do and trying to recruit them is the way to go because of what 3 guys did.

    Here we go with players now doing the GM and team President’s and owners job.

    • Erik Lambert

      Contrary to popular belief, not every player goes into free agency knowing exactly where they want to go, Leroy. Some actually do have an open mind. If what you say was true, then why do players like Kobe and Dirk regularly trumpet their teams to free agents? It may not be his primary job, but D-Rose should know what his endorsement and would mean to the Bulls’ chances. The last thing a free agent wants is to come into a situation where he thinks he’ll feel unwelcome. That is what Rose makes it seem like when he says he has no desire to recruit.

      • Leroy Boyd

        I think most NBA players know where they wanna go it’s just a matter of the city and money. Very few players leave a team where they can get max 5 years deal and it has nothing to do with winning but about the cheese.

        I don’t recall Kobe whining about help when he was winning now that he is on the down side of his career and trying to equal MJ’s 6 or pass him yea he is crying help and as for Dirk where was he when they let Nash roll where was he when Tyson was let go? So yea you have 2 guys facing the end of their careers now hollering for help.

        Rose has said many times that he is willing to play with anybody and he would welcome tthem with open arms but they as grown men should make their own decision.

        Now before Rose arrived how many top flight FA came to Chicago? None if you count Ben Wallace I am going to hunt you down and make you watch the 76ers team who won 9 games.

        I understand everybody’s opinion about Rose and recruiting but he said he aint so its a dead issue. Look many fans and NBA talking heads have said on many occasions that the Bulls have tge necessary role players that could win Melo a title. But don’t you think Melo should know that?

        Not only does Chicago have a team that his skills will mean more than just stat building but winning. But the city aint no slouch either and as for endorsements we have had the gold standard Melo wins in Chicago money will be no issue.

        • Erik Lambert

          I’m in total agreement that if Melo comes to Chicago he will have it made if he wins a championship. The issue at hand is understanding the moment. Yes, it is the responsibility of the front office to lure in free agents. On that you are absolutely right. My issue is with this question. Would an endorsement from Derrick Rose directly to Melo have even a small impact on swaying him to come to Chicago? Every time I ask the answer is the same: yes it would. If I’m trying to win a championship then I’m looking to pull out every trick in the book to make it happen. I understand Rose’s position and it’s not likely to change.

          That doesn’t mean his position is the right one. Even great players can’t be free from scrutiny when they are wrong. It may not be his responsibility, but I believe that’s just an excuse. He should know his endorsement matters, which either means he’s more naive than we thought or he’s being selfish.

          • Leroy Boyd

            I dont think Rose is selfish or naive I just think he has no desire to involve himself in getting players. He has said publicly that he will play with anybody that wants to play for the Bulls.

            Thinking he should be on the phone crying help me win my team and I aint enough to do it that will never happen.

            I dont think his endorsement matters ss much as you think. Melo is going to visit LA Dallas Houston Chicago and still NY is going to be in the picture. Now you have Kobe Dirk Harden Noah Taj and Phil all in his ear. So you think Rose can have more leverage than Kobe Dirk or Phil.

            Come on man this is on Melo nobody is going to determine his decision but him and some input from his wife.