San Antonio Spurs: Player Power Rankings Week 2

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Spurs Top 5 Player Power Rankings Week 2

Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday Feb 25th 2014 – Tuesday Mar 4th 2014

Games this week: 02/26/14 – Win vs. DET, 02/28/14 – Win vs. CHA, 03/02/14 Win vs. DAL, 03/04/14 – Win vs. CLE

Spurs +/- weekly total= +47

Rankings are fun. Mostly because they cause debate, but also because it is fun to categorically state something as a fact, even if there is no way of really knowing the truth. Each week I will rank the top 5 Spurs players (that saw the court during the week) by performance, measured by a combination of me watching games and their stats. If I put Patty Mills at number one, I am not saying that he is better than everyone else on the Spurs, I’m just saying he had the best week relative to expectations. 20 and 5 from Patty is more impressive than 20 and 5 from Timmy, because we assume that Duncan will get those stats on a fairly regular basis. Feel free to argue in the comments, but you are probably wrong.


I will try and bring these out every Tuesday, so will include games played from the previous Tuesday up until the Monday night before I post. (This week I’ve been sick which is why they are late, so I will include the Cavs game from Tuesday)

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