Why I’ll Always Love Steve Francis and the Houston Rockets

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In a way, Steve Francis represented exactly what I wanted to become as a little kid.

He had a subtle, intact sense of rebellion—no fear to express his emotions.

Growing up, when people would tell me about the draft where he declined to go to the Vancouver Grizzlies as the second pick in the 1999 draft I sided with the Franchise (Who really wants to live in Canada anyway? Keanu Reeves, Celine Dion and Alanis Morissette? Steve Francis does not fit that roster).

No wonder the high flying kid from Virginia’s upper lip quivered when his name was called; and so, he declined Canada Basketball on draft day. Who cares? I thank God Houston got him.

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  • Mike De Moor

    How old are you? Cuz I’m only 24, but I remember being a kid and loving Francis the same way. Him and Mobley were gunslingers, and when they’d throw Moochie Norris in there they were so fun to watch. When they were at their peak (when Francis wasn’t eating McDonalds every night and struggling with migraines), Houston had nothing inside. Kelvin Cato played hard, but didn’t have much talent. Mo Taylor looked stoned half the time… I loved McGrady even before he came to Houston, but Yao made their offense real deliberate and frustrating to watch.

  • Joe Edwards

    Whatsup Mike,
    -Im only 20 but I have an older brother (29) and I always felt that my strongest adolescent memories revolved around Steve & tha cat at the summit before the whole “Toyota” era. Yet my brother definitely got to witness a more successful era (2x clutch city champions)- I still always associate my favorite player as Steve due to the timing of my life…+I actually met Mo Taylor and Eddie Griffin back in the day when I was younger, not the most talented team, but we definitely carried that Houston swagger.
    -& a lot of people still don’t understand why I didn’t love Yao coming to Houston. Just wanted to see more of Steve and the Cat than anything else.