Granger or Butler - Who Fits Best?

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March 1st. If a player is on an NBA team’s roster on this day, then they are only eligible to play for that team in the NBA playoffs.

If a player wants to feature in the playoffs for a different team than the one they have been playing for all season, it doesn’t matter when the player signs with his new team, only that they are not contracted to any NBA team on this date.

That’s why we see so much cutting and resigning of players—usually veterans—at this time of the year.

It is in the team’s best interest to get rid of certain players because that team can often save money from the contract by cutting the player loose early; and this is in the player’s best interest because they get the chance to go ring hunting with a contender.

Tracy McGrady last year was playing for the Quingdao Eagles in China, but once their season ended he latched on with our San Antonio Spurs for the playoffs.

This year the Spurs have been linked with both Danny Granger and Caron Butler, both of whom have already been bought out.

With no true back-up small forward on the roster behind Kawhi Leonard, the Spurs will be looking at both Granger and Butler, but they wont be able to sign both without cutting someone else.

Let’s take a look at who would be the best fit.

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