Apr 3, 2013; Portland, OR, USA; Portland Trail Blazers former center Greg Oden smiles while watching the Trail Blazers play against the Memphis Grizzlies at the Rose Garden. Mandatory Credit: Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

Greg Oden Sweepstakes Update: Agent Says Talks With Heat To Resume

According to Chris Tomasson of Fox Sports Florida, Greg Oden’s agent and the Miami Heat will resume discussions soon.

Oden’s agent, Mike Conley Sr., told FOX Sports Florida on Friday he plans soon to resume talks with Heat president Pat Riley after Riley has been taking care of other business. He said Oden, who hasn’t played in an NBA game since December 2009 due to knee injuries, remains very interested in signing with Miami this summer and he believes the Heat want Oden.

“Obviously, they’ve got a need there,” Conley said of a center. “It’s a situation where they probably can’t go out and get a top player (with the money they have), but they can take chance on somebody like Greg and his upside. The exposure (of playing for the Heat) would be good for Greg. He could work his way back into his game. I think Miami is a good situation.”

It was just reported yesterday that Oden would take his time with free agency, and that a decision could linger into August, with the Spurs, Cavaliers and Heat all front-runners for Oden’s services. But Conley Sr., Oden’s agent, confirmed that the Cavaliers signing of Andrew Bynum has ended them as a possibility.

In addition to the Heat, teams in the mix for Oden, 25, include San Antonio, Boston and Charlotte. Conley confirmed Cleveland, once thought to be high on Oden’s list, is out of the running after bringing in free-agent center Andrew Bynum.

San Antonio could be very well out of the running for Oden as well, since our guess is they’ve used up most of the Mid-Level Exception on the Pendergraph and Belinelli signings, so the most they could offer would be the veteran minimum. Miami, however, still has their Taxpayer or “Mini-Mid Level” Exception, worth more than double the veteran minimum.

The 25-year-old Oden has yet to work out for any teams this summer.

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  • Jason Klenetsky

    Get it done Riley. #1 overall pick just a few years ago. Upside is pretty high. The reward outweighs the risk in my opinion. He’d be a GREAT addition and sorely needed piece to the puzzle. Other teams got better, I don’t know if anyone was paying attention. Next year is going to be very different than this past year. Rose comes back, Nets owner spent some serious money to “win now” and they got a sick starting 5, old yes, but look at the caliber of players we’re talking about. HOFers. Pacers smell blood too. Even the Cavs have the stench of mixing it up a bit. Oden makes us better. Fills a sorely needed hole that was exposed last year at the center position. He’s a solid defender, a rebounder/block guy that if he stays healthy will give us the best chance to make a serious run at three peating. Oden has a lot to prove to himself and to all his critics.

  • Francis Bolden

    What a waste these NBA executives are paying on some of these players. Honestly its’ the same routine every time, get a player with a name but no game and hope they can come in an perform knowing full an well they can’t but still pay them that exuberant salary. As an agent I’m appalled by this really here I have clients that literally destroy these guys night in night out an because I’m not a Arn, Bill, Andy or even a Jay to be frank anyone those guys can walk in and get that player mucho dollars knowing they can’t perform. Talk about looking out for the best interest of your client, that’s a joke nowadays. I can put any five of my (position)clients agents anyone in the league and they will not only hold their hold but may even make them think twice. Players play for the love and respect of the game and I represent that kind of player, money isn’t the motivation as it is for today’s prima donna’s. BoldGuy Sports is the name, want to “Make Progress…. Go Bold”, were we Advocate for You.