Retro Diary: Game 4 - San Antonio Spurs Vs. Memphis Grizzlies

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May 27, 2013; Memphis, TN, USA; San Antonio Spurs small forward Kawhi Leonard (2) dunks against the Memphis Grizzlies in the first half of game four of the Western Conference finals of the 2013 NBA Playoffs at FedEx Forum. Mandatory Credit: Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

8:25 remaining – Matt Bonner just triple pumped on a wide open three pointer and missed it. I hit rewind on my DVR four times, because I thought it was just the camera skipping. Nope. He really hesitated three times before shooting. I blame his New Balance’s.

8:00 remaining – Matt Bonner doesn’t hesitate this time. Still misses. And now we’re 0/4 on three pointers, which is just fantastic.

6:37 remaining – One of the rarest things you’ll ever see in the NBA. Tony Parker steals the ball and drives all the way to the basket, passing it off to Duncan at the last second for a dunk. Only Tony Allen is called for a foul as soon as Parker passes the ball, to which Parker AND Allen argue that there was no foul. NBA officiating, you guys.

5:34 remaining – Tayshaun Prince gets embarrassed on defense, part 2.

2:34 remaining – Typical Manu Ginobili YOLO three pointer with plenty of time left on the shot clock.

0:06.3 remaining – Marc Gasol just blew a layup on a foul call and slammed the ball against the ground twice. I’m only pointing this out, because in the new emotionless NBA, that’s a technical foul. Surprisingly, the refs swallowed their whistle and let Marc show some frustration.

0:05.2 remaining – Matt Bonner inbounding the ball in front of the Spurs bench, gets called for a 5-second violation. Popovich is FURIOUS. So I rewind and grab my stopwatch. And by stopwatch, I mean the stopwatch app on my phone. Ironically, from the moment Bonner touches the ball to when Monty McCutchen blows his whistle, is 5.2 seconds. Which is even more infuriating, because Bonner had Kawhi Leonard WIDE OPEN across the court.

0:02.7 remaining – Jerryd Bayless nails a three pointer. Expletive.

Halftime: San Antonio 44, Memphis 38.

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