Retro Diary: Game 6 - San Antonio Spurs Vs. Golden State Warriors

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May 16, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; San Antonio Spurs small forward Kawhi Leonard (2) celebrates after making a basket against the Golden State Warriors during the fourth quarter in game six of the second round of the 2013 NBA Playoffs at Oracle Arena. The Spurs defeated the Warriors 94-82. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

12:00 remaining, third quarter: Harrison Barnes returns from his scary injury. ESPN uses that as an excuse to show the gut wrenching replay 297593432325 more times.

10:04 Spurs botch another fast break. Leonard steals the ball and drives to the basket, dishing it off to Parker too early. Tony decides to play selfish and go up for a contested layup on Barnes, which he blows, and the ball goes off Leonard’s foot out of bounds. (puts away vodka, grabs bottle of whiskey)

8:50 Biedrins picks up his fourth foul, prompting Mike Breen to talk about his perfect hair. Then this exchange between Breen and Van Gundy happens –
JVG: “And he’s tan! How do you tan in San Francisco?”
MB: “Sun was out yesterday…”
JVG” “No, but it’s windy and it’s…”

Jeff Van Gundy thinks you can’t tan when it’s windy outside.

8:24 Another Leonard steal leads to a Parker fast break. Curry recovers in time to block Parker’s layup. (pours stronger drink)

7:14 Tony Parker blows ANOTHER fast break layup, but Leonard is there with the offensive rebound and tip-in. Sheesh.

6:14 ESPN shows a third Mark Jackson huddle. The Warriors huddles are getting shown more than Seinfeld reruns at this point.

3:13 During a timeout, ESPN zooms in on Tim Duncan’s face. Something that bothers me lately, because I’m superficial, is the little grey hairs on Tim’s chin. Not because it shows me that Timmy’s getting old. It bothers me because I worry that one day, he’s going to be in one of those god awful Just For Men commercials with Emmitt Smith, Keith Hernandez and Randy Johnson.

2:22 Great ball movement around the perimeter leaves Kawhi Leonard open for a three in the corner, which he misses, but the rebound bounces right to him, as he proceeds to fly for the dunk. One of the few plays that’s gotten T-Mac off the bench and earned more than just a fake, supportive clap.

0:04.6 Ginobili at the free throw line. Parker and Manu shooting a combined 1-for-15 for 5 points and 13 assists at this point. Yet the Spurs are still up 7. Amazing.

Spurs 66, Warriors 59. End of 3rd quarter.

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