July 18, 2012; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Toronto Raptors guard Ben Uzoh (18) chases Sacramento Kings guard Josh Akognon (0) in the second half of the game at the Thomas

Report: Josh Akognon accepts training camp invite with Mavericks (Update)

Update Sept. 18, 3:57 pm: Guard Josh Akognon officially waived his opt-out clause with the Liaoning Jiebao Hunters for a training camp invite with the Dallas Mavericks according to David Pick. If he fails to earn a roster spot with Dallas, the D-League, where Akognon spent three games with the Canton Charge last season, and another stint in the Chinese Basketball League remain possibilities.

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Sept. 1, 1:03 pm: Akognon reportedly will workout with the Spurs on Sept. 11-12 according to Pick.

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Aug. 14, 9:04 am: The San Antonio Spurs are reportedly interested in inviting Akognon, 26, to training camp according to Pick. Orlando, Dallas, Milwaukee and Indiana are also reportedly in the mix.

Akognon is allowed to visit NBA training camps via an out-clause from his Chinese team. Should he not get an opportunity, he would go back to China to play in the CBA.

Akognon is an excellent scorer as he contains two essential qualities in a scorer; his elite speed coupled with a potent jump shot allows him to get off an array of shots against his competition. He’s also proficient at getting to the foul line, where he converted on 89.2% of his foul line attempts in his senior year with Cal State Fullerton.

The knock on him, though, is that Akognon is undersized. Standing 5’11″, he’s at a fundamental disadvantage against every NBA caliber player. His lateral quickness allows him to stay in front of most players, but his size deters him from contesting their shots. Akognon also struggles with involving his teammates, trusting his scoring ability instead. That facet of his game will need to develop to complement his scoring ability. Akognon is, in essence, a smaller, less talented Patty Mills.

Other than a three-game stint with the Canton Charge, Akognon doesn’t have any experience across the pond. His scoring translated to the D-League, meanwhile, as he averaged 16 points and 48.6% shooting. Akognon jacked up a ton of 3-pointers in that span as well indicating that he is an insatiable scorer. A brief 0:28 video on Akognon is below.


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  • 79 alum

    Hes bigger than patty….and i watched patty and josh play…just cause patty got lucky doesnt mean he is better…check there china stats…played against same guys and josh out played him…get your facts str8! Titans!

    • Quixem

      Mills measured at 6’0″ and Akognon measured 5’11″ per Basketball Reference and NBA Draft Net — not negligible but Mills is a little taller.

  • rudy tesoro

    He has the right height the Spurs like.

  • SC

    I agree with 79 alum… Even in college when they met up, Josh out played Patty by a long shot. In international play he is not the key player like Patty is for his team, but when Josh played for Nigeria he did quite well. I like Patty and think he is great but to comparing them and giving Patty the upper fan because he has been in a better situation than Josh thus far, is not fair nor accurate. He had 33 points in a game he actually got legitimate minutes with the Charge. In the first game he got like 10 minutes. In the summer league he got the short end of the stick for playing time as well as we all know the Kings are hoping and praying (on their knees at this point) that Jimmer starts producing so he got the bulk of minutes at both guard spots. Josh getting the invite and possibly making the team will show the world who he really is as a player and what he can do. I will bet my last dollar that if giving playing time in an NBA game he will do the same as he has done: be productive and efficient.

    • Quixem

      I’m giving Patty the upper hand because he has been productive in the NBA — if Akognon does indeed play well in the NBA, then I will happily change my sentiment. But the tangible proof that Mills can play well is there; and, for the time being, Akognon doesn’t have that evidence. I’m going to side with the guy who, regardless of how he got his opportunity, has played in the NBA especially since he’s also two years younger. Plus, my statement was nothing more than an opinion so please don’t gleam too much from it. We are allowed to have an argument without calling each other out right?