Apr 8, 2012; San Antonio, TX, USA; San Antonio Spurs forward Boris Diaw (33) celebrates with his teammate San Antonio Spurs guard Gary Neal (14) during the first half at the AT

Spurs intent on re-signing Boris Diaw, Patty Mills?

The Spurs locked up Danny Green to a three-year, $12 million contract. Now, naturally, the front office will shift their attention to Boris Diaw and Patty Mills. (Side note: I’m just operating under the assumption that Tim Duncan is already a Spur.)

Given the Spurs’ apparent lack of interest in Diaw and Mills, there are no reports to the contrary, it’s a little surprising that they are “confident” that they will re-sign Diaw and Mills. This tidbit of information came from Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated (H/T Spurs Talk).

    (Green) was deemed one of the many free agent priorities for the Spurs, who sources say are confident     that they’ll be able to come to terms with Tim Duncan, Boris Diaw and Patty Mills in the near future.

After including Green’s $4 million salary, the Spurs’ cap situation currently stands at $53.2 million — that number not including Duncan’s massive cap hold worth approximately $32 million.

Once Duncan signs for around $10 million a year, his cap hold — which is just fancy cap talk for a salary assigned to a player which counts against the cap though they aren’t under contract — will be eliminated. Depending on the timing of the Spurs’ deals, the Spurs will likely be pressed into using their non taxpayer midlevel exception (worth $5 million) on Diaw unless another team decides to bid against San Antonio. Don’t expect Mills to garner that kind of compensation.

This report merely confirms what we’ve been expecting for awhile: a quiet offseason. The majority of San Antonio’s moves will be internal. After winning 50 of 66 games last season with this core, maintaining continuity isn’t a bad thing. It’s just boring.

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  • rtesoro440

    Does Green earn that fat $12m/3 yrs?  It is doubted after he disappeared in the western conference final. But there were no takers  even if the Spurs wanted to trade him. He is NOT worth the investment!

  • AirAlamo1

    @rtesoro440 Highly disagree with you there. Given the market — Novak is four years older than Green, can only shoot yet he earned more years and money — this deal is fine. This is not a “fat” contract. It’s fair payment for a player that fits the Spurs’ system.