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Hi Guys.... It's Vinay

Hi there guys, as you may have noticed with the past few posts, there’s a new sheriff in town… me… So…

My name is Vinay Bhaskara.. I’m 16 years old and I live in New Jersey, but I spent most of my life in Austin, Texas. I’m a huge basketball fan, both college and NBA, and the Spurs are my team (My formative basketball experience was probably watching the Spurs at the SBC Center 7 times in the playoffs in 02-03, including 2 Finals games). I also do play basketball and tennis for my school, but am not a world beater in either sport. I’m a pretty big general sports fan as well.  I’ll watch any University of Texas Athletic Competition (I once sat through a 2 hour swim meet on ESPNU). I love watching the NFL but I don’t really have a team there (I kind of just root for Longhorn guys), and I follow the MLB and the ATP to a lesser extent as well. In terms of other interests, I’m a pretty big reader and I play the viola as well. However, my main non-athletic interest is airplanes, airlines, and aviation as a whole. That’s where the majority of my writing experience has come (besides the school newspaper of course). I’ve written on an internship for a magazine in Asia, did a 3 month stint writing for a professional blog on the topic, and currently have my own blog on the subject, which isn’t terribly well known, but does draw a decent readership, especially for an airlines blog. My other blog can be found at

That’s all for now, and get ready for some more stuff from me in the coming days….

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