Will Tiago Splitter Split at Season’s End?

Vassilis Spanoulis.

Remember him?  The somewhat highly touted Greek player that took a buy-out and pay cut from his European team to join the NBA, only to feel he was misled about his role on the team and later decide that the NBA wasn’t a place for him.

The curious case of VSpan serves as a warning to all current European players and those that have recently joined the NBA as well.  When it comes to Tiago Splitter, this is what I worry about;  I worry that lack of playing time and contribution to the success of the team is going to leave him wanting more.  And that is where that awesome contract the Spurs signed him to over the summer might come back to bite them in the ass.  What top-notch Euroleague team wouldn’t jump at the chance to help Tiago out of his contract with the Spurs?  Tiago’s deal is chump change to teams like Barcelona, Panathinaikos, or Maccabi.  Add in a probable lock-out and now I’m a bit more worried that dude is going to jump ship if he can.

Yes, I understand that Splitter’s dream was to play in the NBA, but the operative word of that statement is PLAY.  I also sense that so far Tiago is happy to be here and understands that it is going to take awhile for him to get acclimated to the league and team, but just how long is he willing to wait?  He very well might be more than happy to be along for the ride and learning from one of his idols.  He might also possess that infamous Spurs sense of character that makes this all a non-issue, but as the “DNP-CD” continue to mount so does my sense of anxiety that we just might loose out on a player that could be a big part of the post-Duncan Spurs.

Time will tell I guess.

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