Spurs with the Steal

Here are the Tiago deals according to Adrian Wojnarowski:


Tiago Splitter contract is actually 3 years for $10.9 million with Spurs, league source says. He will make $3.4 million this season.

I don’t care how you slice it, that’s one awesome-ass deal!

  • bdiddy

    By the by, that leaves $2.365 Million out of the MLE to sign someone and the LLE which is about $1.1 Million.

  • persianG

    This deal clearly makes the Spurs championship team AGAIN,not that they was’nt last year,but it did not work out,NOW Splitter is here that Anderson kid,Bonner is back,the Spurs look real good with Splitter now Mr. DUNCAN can play his natural position 24/7 no CENTER time never.This will ADD 30r4 more Decent years to Duncan’s career,and he can rest 20 minute’s a game during regular seasons,with McDyess & Blair,and Bonner a little.Splitter & Richards can hold down the center slot,Splitter can score ,Richards strickly for rebounding and five GOOD fouls.The Spurs have Scoreing from every position with-out Jefferson,But it would BE a BIG PLUS if they can sign Jefferson to 4 million a year,IF not oh well.They can win it with-out him.THE SPURS ARE BACK!