Can You Dig It! Shaq Prefers Spurs

Apr. 17, 2010 - Cleveland, OHIO, UNITED STATES - epa02121460 Shaquille O

Photo Courtesy Yardbarker

 A source told Fanhouse that Shaq has interest in playing with Boston but states that he would mess up their chemistry. He then goes on and says:

 “He’d really like to go to San Antonio and team with Timmy (Duncan), and try to win one more title,” said the source about O’Neal, who starred in high school in San Antonio.

As we know the Diesel played in Cleveland last season hoping to grab a ‘Ring for the King’ but we all know that did not happen.  The 38 year old big man wants to play two more season with his last being a farewell tour according to the source.

Your thoughts. Would you welcome the big man to the team?

  • bdiddy

    eh, no thanks…maybe if he were a buy-out add at the end of a season, but I don’t want him around for more than that…unless he played for vet. min.

  • AnkleBones

    Problem is he wants the MLE. I think I speak for every Spurs fan when I say, “I’d rather pay a magic genie the MLE.”

  • DorieStreet

    Every other move this signing period (Splitter, RJ, etc.)the Spurs must make would have to be near perfect before this thing could take place (at vet min of course).

    If the statements are true that he was disruptive in the CLE lockeroom–then no.

  • Mike

    @Anklebones I agree with you. DorieStreet I am trying to get you access still bro. Hang tight.

  • Fx

    Funny thing is, didn’t Shaq play a genie in some movie… “Kazaam” I think? Are you perhaps subconsciously wishing that he’ll join the Spurs? lol