Arrrrgghhh! I shall crush you Dirk Nowinski!

Spurs Report Card: DeJuan Blair

Think back to the night of June 25, 2009. Remember that Spurection you got when DeJaun Blair miraculously fell to the Spurs at the 37th pick? Remember then how you felt when it was revealed that he apparently has no ACL’s? And then how you felt after he logged 14pts/ 11reb in 22 minutes? And then when against Chicago the following night he managed just 6pts/ 4rebs? That up-down-up-down, in addition to being a lot like all you two-pump-chumps out there, kind of sums up DeJuan Blair’s inaugural season wearing the black-n-silver — a flash of brilliance followed by a return to the reality of the Big Fella’s status as a rookie.When Lead-Blogger extraordinaire asked for Ben and I to write up a report card for one of the Spurs’ players, I said okay, but only if I get to do– wait scratch that wording — only if I get to be the one to review Blair. If you’ve gone back and followed any of my past writings at that place I used to shout from the roof tops, you’ll know that I have a bit of a fan crush on DeJuan Blair.

Arrrrgghhh! I shall crush you Dirk Nowinski!

When I take a way my irrational feelings for the guy, I still can’t help but think highly of the one called DeBeast. He played to some degree in all 82 regular season and all 10 playoff games despite the lack of ACL’s which lead people to question his durability prior to the draft, averaged 8pts/6reb/18min, logged two 20/20 games (three counting the rookie challenge), and was named to the All NBA Rookie 2nd team.

I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say that dude played well, better than expected if you ask me, and with hustle. I look forward to seeing what he brings next year.

Final Grade: A

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  • AnkleBones

    I think one of the biggest mistakes Pop made this season was not playing Blair more. The Spurs were weak on the glass and he brought intangible in that aspect that I couldn’t believe. I mean the guy is 6’7 in shoes and doesn’t have ACLs. Need to see him getting 20 MPG next year.

  • ldhl89

    Dejuan Blair Rookie season 2009 2010

  • AnkleBones

    Great video. This play is just insane on so many levels.


  • mikesatx

    Good find on the video. That play was nasty!

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