Spurs Report Card: Tony Parker

In our next edition of the “Spurs Report Card”, Point Guard Tony Parker is up next. We know this past sesason was not one that Parker would like to reflect on. He played in just 56 games, as he was dealing with the injury bug.

When Parker was healthy he gave us a spark coming off of the bench, ala Manu Ginobili.  He would later be re-inserted into the starting lineup during the playoffs, only starting two games. 

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Parker was hurting, all season he was fighting the lovely injury bug that always seems to hit the star players.  It was the first time Parker has missed a large amount of games.  Anyone would feel the pain that Parker was going through with not being able to help his team out in the stretch run of the playoffs like he would. 

NBA: Spurs vs Mavericks APR 14

When he did come back he made a splash, he still had some good numbers during the regular season and his play continued on during the ten games in the playoffs.

During the regular season Parker’s scoring was dropped from a year ago.  He averaged 16.0 per compared to 22.0.  Field goal percentage and free throw percentage were slightly down but not by a wide margin.

In the playoffs he averaged 17.3 points per, increasing from his regular season average.  Though he and the team played in just 10 games Parker started two.  He was hitting 47% of his shots from the field compared to 54% last season. To me Parker at times looked like his old self, but other than that, didn’t look comfortable being out there on the floor.  He at times seemed to be rushing.  He is a great penetrator as everyone knows, and looks to draw the foul everytime he goes in.  He knows with this height that he is going to get banged up but he seemed to worry more about that then trying to convert the bucket.

My final grade for Tony Parker on the season is a C.  I know I am going to get thrashed for this but let me hear it, I wanna know why you guys voted on what you did. Don’t be afraid, I can take it. I gave my grade, now what is yours?

If you haven’t had the chance to give your grade on Tim Duncan, you can by going here.

  • AnkleBones

    I went with a B. While I can understand why you gave him a C, he was practically the only one that tried during the Phoenix series. He didn’t play nearly as well as he did last year but the injuries on top of the uncertainty of his future probably contributed to that.

  • bdiddy

    If we remember that C is supposed to be considered average, B above-average, and A exceptional then I think it’s clear that Tony Parker was an above average player when we was on the court this past season. I don’t think it’s fair to hold injuries against a player.

  • FmsAmos

    Tony Parker gets an “A” in my book. He was hurt all year and still put up good numbers and was one of the leaders and spark plug of the team. Most star players would have packed it in with a contract year coming up making sure to avoid further injury but he stayed in there and did everything the team asked. How many star player do you know would give their starting job up to a young 2nd year player without making any complaints.

  • joanna

    I’m a devoted fan of TP.I can’t tolerate the negative remarks made about him this season.Despite not playing half the season due to injuries,he played way above average.C’mon people he’s a 3 all star player and mvp.Had he not had injuries this season,he would of played superb as always and the spurs would of not landed 7th seed.I don’t care for the organization’s opinions.The spurs without Tony is like a hamburger without the meat.I support and salute you,Tony.Keep your head up high.

  • bdiddy

    So we’ve heard from the two that voted to give Tony an A, what about those that voted to give him a D?

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  • vera

    Tony is one of the very few that gives his all in every game and even thou he was hurt this year and missed playing a lot he always plays to the best of his ability. He deserves a lot more credit for his hard work.

  • http://www.ldhl89.blogspot.com ldhl89

    Tony Parker 2009 2010 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CK_CK_mddeE

    My grade: B
    Tony was injury this year just like ginobili the last year