Another Tony Parker Rumor

The New York Daily News is at it again and this time they have spun the Tony Parker to the New York Knicks Rumor a little further.  On May 12th I brought news that the New York Knicks would offer at Tony Parker.  After that rumor broke Parker later stated that he “Want To Stay In San Antonio”.

According to Yahoo! Sports they are reporting that New York Knicks beat writer Frank Isola stated that Tony Parker told pals that he would like to be traded to the New York Knicks.


Now they are saying he is interested in being traded.

Tony tells us one thing that he wants to stay in San Antonio and then supposedly tells his buddies that he would like to be traded to New York?  Is this more for Tony or his wife Eva?  I don’t know what to make of this.

Your thoughts?

  • vholiness

    Good Day to All you NBA fans out there. Just a thought.. Tony Parker in New York..Wow we’d loved to have him ,but facts don’t add up..With NJ NETS and their new owner ready to spend “what might be the Sky’s the limit..and a wife who seems normal..women love to shop and spend Money.. it just doesn’t add up…The knicks would most likely have to clear their bench (not a bad idea!) ..get rough and tough about their picks in the LOTTERY ..And get some players that are use to playing on the east coast that can take pain as well as dish it out..behave themselves and be able to follow directions and still be able to score points coming off the bench as well as force them to be able to shoot over 70% from the foul line (training camp 101 the basics stop depending on collge coachs to teach players,take them out to say long island and find out where they are wearkest like the nets did with Dr.jay in Roosevelts’ cenntennial park) or like jabar in St. Albans park spent time with “the sage” learning out to shoot over a broom..Some hook shot. Then to add icing to the cake dig deep in their pockets to get some skilled pro’s here in NY and it wouldn’t hurt to ask those pro’s who would you like to play with thats available? The Knicks Don’t have any real scouts..if I’m wrong where’s the proof they did their job! And Labron in NEW YORK..Not likey ,but go ahead and pay an offer but not like they’ve done in the can’t make a player like that come here on a half hearted offer..JUST BECAUSE THIS IS NEW YORK MEANS NOTHING TODAY..Show him the MONEY!!and give him 3 days to answer! not one day more or you’ll miss everyone else thats available out there ..this team needs HELP like 5 years ago!! And die hard baseball fans shouldn’t own a basketball team when they know nothing about the sport!! Give me those players you have and let me run them through the same test former Knicks went through..can’t pass.. bye bye baby!