Round 1, Game 6 :: Mavs at Spurs Quick Recap

Dallas Mavericks at the San Antonio Spurs NBA First Round Playoff Basketball


We took care of those damn Mavericks and we are now sending them home where they belong.  We knew all along that we were the better team.  Now how does it feel Dallas, you were seeded number two but got knocked off by the number seven seeded Spurs!

We need to keep the Mavericks from starting off strong and try, try to contain Caron Butler and Dirk NOwitzki.  They managed to get their points but we took the game, series.

San Antonio did what they needed to do and that was stop the Mavericks from getting off to a good start.  Job well done for the guys in Silver and Black as they held the Mavericks to just 8 points in the first quarter as we scored 22. 

In the second Mavericks scoring was a lot better as they scored 26 to go into the half with 34 points to the Spurs 47.  Second half a different story and a different game.  The first period was all San Antonio and the second was pretty much Dallas but with key shots from George Hill yet again, yeah we knew he was playing at home, he played a lot better, he helped us grab the win.

Ginobili and Hill combined for 47 points. HUGE game from them.  Timmeh had 17, 10 rebounds and 3 blocks. Parker came off the bench to add 10.

Below is the highlights from NBA.Com.  Tomorrow I will have a full recap.


  • Jim

    Hell AND yes!!! What a wonderful night to be a Spurs fan, wherever you are!!

    GO SPURS GO!!!

    Sent that Neanderthal-looking Cuban and his team of chumps home. Sorry, Dallas, stick with your Cowboys.

  • john

    I had faith in this team even if the critics beg to differ otherwise. If there is one thing I’ve learned throughout my time as an NBA fan, is that your team’s position in the Conference doesn’t count for nothing. Nothing if you take things for granted against any team that plays with their heart out.

    The Mavs are know for being such team, if not please take a look at their records in the playoffs as compared to the regular season’s performance for the past 10 years. They were only in the Finals, once. The Spurs are well known for ages for playing with 110% determination, even if the odds are against them. Counting them at your own peril, I say.

    I’m happy for this series but there is still plenty of unfinished business for the Spurs. Now they’ve proven to be a legitimate contender, others would have sure taken notice.

    As for my guy Manu, for sure he was badly beaten and bruised but that didn’t stop him from playing the way he does best (my report on Game 6 is out, please give us your view). Just exactly what he did today to ensure his team complete the victory in this series.